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About the Blogger

lazy blogger. carefree wanderer. solo backpacker. picky eater. newbie surfer. picture taker. memory keeper.

Seeing the world, One landmark at a time.

Who Am I?

I am a counselor by profession, a Ph.D. student for 6 hours every week and a random traveler after office hours.

At first, I was not really fond of traveling. I don't seem to understand what satisfaction do people get out of seeing places. It all started in a travel in Zambales with office friends. I was not really so into it but just kept on joining them whenever they go on a travel. Till it became addicting and eventually I made it a birthday ritual to go on a trip every February..and not just every February but whenever I feel like traveling. I started traveling with groups, then with my cousin and travel buddy, then became courageous enough to travel solo. This doesn't mean that I don't like traveling with others. I still love traveling with friends but now I do lots of a solo backpacking.

I am a picky eater so chances are, you won't see me posting about delicacies in my blog. I only post about food that passed my picky taste buds. I even have a blog about the food which got into my liking but I assure you that everything that was posted there are worth to munch on.

I love the sun, sand and sunset that's why I love going to the beach. I enjoy engaging in water activities especially surfing. I dream of going to most of the surfing spots in the Philippines and improve my surfing skills..and get that lovely tan as a bonus. Unfortunately, I'm not into mountain climbing.

I love taking photos. I guess it goes with traveling. I attended a basic photography class to help me take good photos of scenic views as I go on a trip. I'm more into taking pictures of landscape than taking selfies. But I do take selfies sometimes when vanity strikes.

Lastly, I am a fan of promo fares. Nothing follows hahaha :)


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